Stun Gun

The evolution of stun guns comprises of an interesting idea. The idea was to stun people without any instinct to kill them. A stun gun is a self-defense product that uses electric voltage to deal with the attacker when an attacker comes in contact with stun gun prongs he gets temporarily affected.  The growing demand of Stun Guns in India shows that people in our country are very conscious in adopting precaution measures and safety weapons. We cannot carry guns for security purpose as it is illegal and many gun enforcement laws coming up and even if you get to have the possession of guns you need a license which is a strenuous task to get and would burn a hole in your pocket. Therefore, keeping in mind all the restrictions stun guns in India have launched for the safety purpose of women. Safety and surveillance are the need of the hour hence they are of utmost priority that should be taken care of. It is not like that it can be used only by law enforcement agencies as the name suggests but can be used by anyone including you. It is a self-defense weapon which is used for security to safeguard you from any kind of trouble. The device is also known as electric shock gun as it induces a required amount of electric shock in the body of the attacker as soon as you attacked with the stun gun leaving the attacker in unconscious condition for approximately few minutes or half an hour and meanwhile that granted time is enough for you because that person lays unconscious instantly and you can escape from that place and seek help from others. This self-defense weapon is very easy to use and carry with yourself. It is light weighted. Startup Loud is the best platform to buy Stun Gun in India as we are the best dealer, Producer, Manufacture, Retailer and B2C Business Oriented Company in Worldwide.

Therefore, the girls or, ladies can keep it in their purse, bag, and vehicle and at wherever they want to keep it. The Electric Spy Gun resembles like a mobile phone, lipstick, torchlight, therefore, no one can suspect it as a safety device. There are the list of Spy Stun Gun which are following: cell phone style stun gun, Police stun baton+ torch, Aviation Aluminum Self Defense, Rechargeable Flash Light Stun Gun, Self Defense Electric Teaser Gun, Spy Stun Gun, Self Defense Cell Phone, Taiwan Police Stun gun, Expandable Type Stun gun, Lipstick Stun Gun,. The Stun Gun in India is available with Startup Loud online and offline the best possible price in this Marketplace as we are the best Trader Service Provider Company of Stun Gun in India. Anyone can buy these products at an affordable price which suits your pocket according to this time.

There are products like stun batons which are longer in size than normal stun guns hence making you keep them in cars or two wheelers while travelling alone and there are also lipstick stun guns which are very handy and kept in hands for easy and instant use as they are small and through this a women can attack a stalker or the harasser quickly. We also have Self Defense Cell Phone, Stun Guns Travel Chic, Ultra Compact Stun Gun and much more. Stun guns in India are introduced keeping in mind the security concerns and would get rid of the moniker of rape capital. We provide Stun Guns at a cheap price.