Wireless Camera

Everything is going wireless be it a charger, to radios, to computers so why not having a wireless cam. It is time to do away with wires yet not compromising on security and surveillance, therefore, we have launched wireless cam in India. With the wireless camera, you can easily monitor anyone and their activities. These days’ security and surveillance are the two most crucial agendas for everyone. Everyone wants to be secure plus wants their belongings to be safe from any jeopardy.  We have gadgets like Wireless Door phone camera, Audio/Video Wireless Camera, Spy Wireless Voice Transmitter, Pro Extreme Wireless Camera, Spy 3G Hidden Wireless Camera, Spy Wireless Button Camera, Wireless Baby Monitor Camera, Spy Wireless Watch Camera, Wireless Inspection Camera, Spy 2.4 MHZ Wireless Camera, WI-FI Smoke Detector Camera, 3G Wireless Remote Camera, Spy Wireless IP Camera. For working parents who leave their kids with their maids to look after them can now keep an eye on them and work without worrying as they can work as well as see their kids at the same time. Startup Loud is the best service provider B2C Business Supplier Company of Wireless Camera in India.

This multipurpose inspection camera is the solution to the problems like inspecting infrastructure, inspecting machinery where manual works take long hours but not at the surety of the work being done in the safest and quickest way possible. Another product 3G wireless remote camera has been launched too as the name suggests this product uses the 3G network it works with CMOS sensor and works with the standard wireless sensor and the good thing about this product can be operated with other sensors like gas sensor,  PIR sensor, smoke sensor, door magnet etc. The remote security camera can report alarm from all sensors connected. These both wireless devices find various uses in day to day life works like monitoring your child, stores, shopping complex and any moving object. The 3G wireless remote camera is operational in the night too where there is low visible light and provide you with the best shooting distance of up to 8 meters and is equipped with 3-megapixel camera, effective distance of wireless remote camera is 100 meters. The spy wireless camera in India can be ordered by online and bought directly from its shops.  It can be ordered through our site online or you can just visit our store and our products will not make you any less comfortable as we believe in full satisfaction of customer and bound to timely delivery of the products. As we are the Prominent Trader, Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Retailer, Distributers and Producers of Spy Wireless Camera in India.

Spy camera has launched their new products listed as audio/video spy wireless camera in India. It has also introduced spy wireless button camera to the people. As it is reckoned for the spy products and its devices are selling in the market with a huge market. Spy has designed these two new products keeping in mind the different scenarios and aspects of different clients and according to their need. Audio/video wireless camera is easy to use and is so compact that you can carry it along with you anywhere you want and it is small in size and light in weight that you don’t feel like carrying a burden with you. This device is compatible with other devices and can be easily connected to TV so that you can enjoy all the recorded videos and pictures you have clicked.  It has an inbuilt transmitter that has a range up to 100 meters because of it produces images and pictures of high quality without any distortion and can be used for chatting purpose but it is widely used for surveillance and the fact that it is wireless makes it easy to implement and saves you from all the trouble of those long lengthy cords and it is cheap as compared with the wired camera.  This is waterproof spy camera which can be installed anywhere inside the house or outside as it can withstand any weather and is as effective in monsoon season as in other seasons. These products are concealed in nature and are available with the needle holed lens.